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Epoxy Colors by Pigmently: Explore a World of Vibrant Pigments

Two wooden resin trays with a tinted epoxy vein running through the length. One has a blue tint and the other has an orange tint.
Discover the stunning range of epoxy colors offered here in our Pigmently store. Long-lasting, potent, and easy to use—for vivid, non-fading results!

How to Color Epoxy Resin with Pigmently Pigments and Dyes

A blue epoxy resin table top made using Pigmently Epoxy Pigments and various minerals and stones as decorations..
Quickly learn how to color your epoxy resin using premium pigments and dyes by Pigmently.

Silver Mica Powder: Discovering Pigmently Signature Tones

Pigmently's Silver Mica Powder
Learn how Pigmently's Silver Mica Powder stands above the rest in quality, reliability, and long-lasting color!

Pigmently's Mica Pearl Powder: Get the Most Out of Your...

A close-up of the pearlescent shimmer.
Discover the Pearlescent Mica Powder Series by Pigmently. Made with high-quality ingredients and a refined formula for the best in long-lasting color.

Achieve Long-Lasting Color with Red Mica Powder by Pigmently

A text overlay that says "Pigmently's Guide to Red Mica Powder Pigments"
Discover the beautiful red mica powders in our premium powder pigments collection by Pigmently.

Glow in the Dark Epoxy: Pigmently's Step-by-Step Guide

A resin cube made with Pigmently Yellow-Green Glow in the Dark Powder Pigment
Discover how to mix epoxy resin with our Pigmently Glow in the Dark Pigments Series to make your own luminous resin projects!