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What Do You Mix Mica Powder With?

An epoxy resin tray made with wood and green mica powder pigment.
Knowing what you can and can't mix mica powder with is essential to understanding whether it suits your needs or for giving you direction on how to

Pigmently Answers Your FAQs About Mica Powder

A closeup of a fuchsite mica mineral, with a text overlay that says "Mica Powder FAQs"
Learn the answers to frequently asked questions about mica powder here!

Can You Mix Mica Powder with Acrylic Paint?

An artist's palette covered in acrylic paints and mica powder.
Let Pigmently show you how you to properly mix mica powder with acrylic paint in our latest Mica Powder Basics guide!

Is Mica Safe for Skin?

A mica powder makeup palette featuring a variety of different colors.
Discover how mica powders can affect your skin, whether indirectly as a tool in art or directly as an ingredient in various cosmetics.

10 Remarkable Ways to Use Mica Pigment Powder

A woman holding up two resin paintings made using epoxy resin and mica pigment powder.
Discover 10 fun ways to use mica pigment powders by Pigmently in your DIY arts and crafts.

What Is Mica Powder?

Blue and purple mica powder being splashed into the air.
Learn what mica powder is in this comprehensive guide. We'll explain where it comes from, and how it ends up as a colorful powder pigment.