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5 Types of Resin Jewelry You Can Make With Resin...

A selection of different resin jewelry piece colored with red resin dye.
Discover 5 amazing types of resin jewelry you can craft using Pigmently Resin Dyes and Primaloc Art and Craft Epoxy!

5 Stellar Resin Keychain Ideas to Accent Your Style

A selection of resin keychains made in a circular shapes with various pigments.
Take a look at these 5 remarkable ideas for resin keychain crafting!

Resin Crafts Reinvented: Discover 5 Unique Projects with Pigmently Powder...

Colorful resin jewelry resting on light-blue fabric.
Learn with Pigmently about 5 different fun and easy resin craft projects—suitable for resin DIY beginners!

Resin Earrings: 5 Unique DIY Ideas Using Pigmently Epoxy Pigments...

A resin earring made with red dye.
Check out these 5 great, beginner-friendly ideas for making beautiful resin earrings!

5 Ideas for Amazing DIY Resin Trays with Epoxy Pigments

An epoxy resin tray made with wood, Pigmently pigments, and epoxy resin.
Jumpstart your creative engine with these 5 beginner-friendly ideas for making resin trays with epoxy pigments

Make Vibrant Epoxy Bar Tops: The Magic of Mica Powder...

A stunning epoxy bar top made with a orange epoxy pigment.
Learn how to give your bar top a beautiful epoxy finish with our beginner-friendly Epoxy Pigments by Pigmently!