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A selection of different resin jewelry piece colored with red resin dye.

5 Types of Resin Jewelry You Can Make With Resin Dye

Introduction to Resin Jewelry

Resin jewelry holds a unique charm, a sparkling allure that captivates the hearts of many jewelry enthusiasts. It's not just about the visual appeal, but also the capacity to encapsulate and preserve the beauty of items within. From flowers to glitter, from photos to miniature art, anything can be frozen in time with the magic of epoxy resin.

Using resin in jewelry making is a fascinating journey for both beginners and seasoned crafters. The process involves creating a mold, adding your chosen elements, and pouring the resin. Then comes the waiting game, letting the resin cure to form a mesmerizing piece of jewelry.

Part of the charm of resin jewelry lies in its versatility. With the numerous options for customization, your creativity can run wild. And when you add resin dye into the mix, your choices become even more exciting—which brings us to our next point of discussion: using resin dye in jewelry making.

Basics of Using Resin Dye in Jewelry Making

Resin dye is a fundamental tool for making resin jewelry. It enables you to imbue your epoxy resin with vibrant color, giving your resin pieces a stunning look. Unlike powder pigments, which produce a shimmering, multi-toned effect in epoxy, resin dyes are able to impart their color as a single uniform hue. This enables you to give your jewelry a smooth, translucent finish that allows light to shine through.

The process of using resin dye is quite straightforward. You first mix the epoxy, then add the resin dye, stirring until you get an even color. The amount of dye you use will determine the opacity of the final result. Pigmently Resin Dyes are highly concentrated, so a little goes a long way.

You can also mix different colors of resin dye to generate new shades that aren't available individually, thus bringing another layer of creativity to your resin jewelry making.

And that's it for the basics! Next, we'll dive into the types of resin jewelry you can create with resin dye.

Two clear resin pendants with embedded charms.

Type 1: Epoxy Resin Pendants

An epoxy resin pendant is the quintessential example of resin jewelry. The pendant acts as a canvas where you can unleash your creativity. You can create a pendant with a single color, or use different colors to create a marbled effect. Adding elements like glitter, dried flowers, or tiny charms can enhance the visual appeal of your pendant.

Creating epoxy resin pendants with resin dye requires a little patience and deliberation. You want to ensure that the dye is well mixed and that the resin is poured carefully to avoid bubbles. Remember to let your pendant cure completely before removing it from the mold.

The beauty of epoxy resin pendants lies in their versatility. You can create a pendant that matches your outfit, your mood, or even your personality. Shape and size are customizable, too—want something big and flashy? Something decorous and understated?

With epoxy resin, you're not limited to conventional norms.

Type 2: Resin Dye Bracelets

Resin dye bracelets are a fantastic way to add a pop of color to your ensemble. The process of making a resin bracelet involves creating a mold, mixing the resin and dye, and adding any elements you desire. Just like with pendants, patience is key when crafting epoxy bracelets using resin dye.

The bracelets can be made in various shapes and sizes, and the resin dye gives you the freedom to choose the colors. You can make a bracelet with a single color, or mix different dyes for a multicolored effect. Adding elements like beads or glitter can further enhance the look of your bracelet.

Resin dye bracelets are not just fashionable, but also a way to express your own sense of creativity.

Type 3: Epoxy Resin Rings

Epoxy resin rings are a trendy choice in the world of resin jewelry. These rings are not just visually appealing, but also a fun way to express your style. With resin dye, you can create rings of any color, matching them with your outfits or even your mood.

Creating epoxy resin rings involves the same steps as any other resin jewelry. The only difference is the mold, which needs to be ring-shaped. You can create a simple band, or go for a more elaborate design. Adding elements like dried flowers or glitter can give your ring a unique touch.

Epoxy resin rings hold a charm that's hard to resist. Whether you're making them for yourself or as a gift for someone, these rings are a great way to infuse your jewelry with personality.

A pair of resin earrings with an opaque blue resin dye tint.

Type 4: Making Resin Earrings with Epoxy Dye

Resin earrings are a great place to start learning the craft of resin jewelry. The earrings can be made in various shapes and sizes, from simple to ornate, and the resin dye gives you the freedom to choose the colors. You can make earrings with a single color, or mix different dyes for a multicolored effect.

Creating resin earrings involves creating a mold, mixing the resin and dye, and adding any elements you desire. Achieving the ideal outcome is easiest when you take your time with each step; mix the dye into your resin carefully, and pour deliberately into your mold to avoid spills or overfilling.

Resin earrings are a terrific choice for trying out different techniques. They can be simple in shape, but complex in design, and because they're small, you can make many in a short period of time, using little resin—the perfect project for discovering what works for you and what doesn't.

Type 5: Brooches and More

If you're more interested in crafting types of resin jewelry that are less conventional, consider brooches, hairpins, cufflinks, or even belt buckles. These options are similar in approach, but far less common than the typical fare mentioned earlier.

With resin jewelry, aiming for something distinct can be good exercise for your imagination. For instance, you could create a brooch with a floral design, a hairpin with a miniature scene, or cufflinks with a deep, translucent effect.

Tips for Making Resin Jewelry with Epoxy Dye

Making resin jewelry with epoxy dye can be a fun and rewarding process, and there are many ways to help you achieve the best possible results.

Here are a few tips to help you on your journey:

  • Always make sure to mix the epoxy and dye thoroughly. This ensures an even color and reduces the chances of bubbles.
  • Remember that a little dye goes a long way. You can always add more dye if you want a darker color, but you can't remove it once it's mixed.
  • Let your creativity run wild. Experiment with different colors, shapes, and elements. That's how you'll discover what you love.
A bracelet with an epoxy resin ornament featuring a pinkish-red resin dye tint.

Best Practices for Using Epoxy Dye in Resin Jewelry

Epoxy resin is fun to work with, but there are some basic safety guidelines to keep in mind.

  • Wear protective gear when working with epoxy and dye. This includes gloves, a mask—maybe even eye protection.
  • Work in a well-ventilated area. The fumes from the epoxy can be harmful if inhaled in large amounts. Depending on the quality of the epoxy, this can be far more or less likely.
  • Always follow the instructions provided with the epoxy and dye. This ensures the best results and reduces the chances of mishaps.

Pigmently: Your Trusted Source for Epoxy Resin Dyes

At Pigmently, we're dedicated to providing the best in resin dye. Each of our resin dyes is carefully produced to an exacting formula, using only premium-grade ingredients.

As artists ourselves, we know how important it is for creators to have a trustworthy, dependable source of colorants that are high-quality and consistent. That's why we put such high emphasis on quality assurance.

In our store, we offer a wide array of resin dyes, ranging from vibrant, splashy hues to subtle, elegant tones. Our dyes are highly concentrated and easy to use, ensuring an even color in your resin jewelry.

If you're interested in multiple dyes, take a look at our Colorant Bundles, which are a great way to try a variety of colors at a cost-effective price.

And finally, we also carry Primaloc Art and Craft Epoxy, a premium resin designed specifically for resin arts and crafts.

Bring your art to life with premium Resin Dyes by Pigmently!


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