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What Are Five Uses of Mica?

A mica powder resin art piece, made using several Pigmently mica pigments.
Discover 5 of the top uses for mica in this guide!

Illuminate Your Artwork: How to Make Stunning Glow in the...

A glow in the dark resin piece with a text overlay saying, "The Pigmently Guide To Making Glow in the Dark Resin Art"
Discover how to make incredible glow in the dark resin art with this handy, beginner-friendly guide to Glow in the Dark Epoxy Pigments.

A Comprehensive Guide on How to Color Resin with Dyes...

A wooden epoxy sample piece, showcasing several different powder pigments of blue, green, yellow, and red.
Learn how to color resin with premium pigments and dyes by Pigmently.

The Art of Mica Jewelry: Tips for Working with Craft...

A mica jewelry piece, consisting of an epoxy resin pendant colored with mica powder pigments.
Learn how to make your own beautiful mica jewelry using Primaloc Craft Resin and Pigmently Mica Powder!

Grasping the Art: How to Paint with Mica Powder Using...

A canvas being painted on with paint imbued with mica powder.
Learn how you can use Pigmently mica powder to make vibrant paintings in our beginner-friendly guide!

Bursting With Color: A Guide to Using Pigmently Mica Powder...

A bath bomb, made using mica powder for bath bombs.
Learn how to the vibrancy of your bath bombs with Pigmently's premium mica powder pigments.