Collection: About Us


Be creative. Be inspired. Express yourself.

Pigmently was founded on the idea that everyone deserves a means of self-expression.

Visual art has always been a uniquely human way to convey our thoughts, feelings, and emotion. Paintings, sculptures, architecture, and decorative art like furniture are all the output of someone's imagination.

Sometimes this happens on an individual level, and sometimes it's the result of a large collaborative effort.

Years ago, when we first started working with rudimentary dyes and powders, we realized there was a lot more potential than what was being tapped into at the time. This led to the formation of Pigmently, an idea that had been for years ruminating in our minds.

Now, humble beginnings have turned a modest concept into an opportunity to enable for others the same self-expression that we value so much in our own lives.

We hope that, by utilizing our unique brand of liquid dyes and mica powder epoxy pigments, you too can find new ways to showcase your artistic side through your own creative endeavors.