Collection: The Pigmently Resin Color Blog

The Complete Guide to Making Vibrant Epoxy Tumblers with Mica...

Three resin tumblers with epoxy pigments and other imagery embedded within the resin surface
Learn how to use Pigmently epoxy pigments to create amazing epoxy tumblers with ease—no prior experience necessary!

Elevate your art with Pigmently: Crafting vibrant resin charcuterie boards...

An epoxy resin charcuterie board made with a light blue epoxy pigment.
Learn about using epoxy pigments to create stunning resin charcuterie boards in this beginner-friendly guide!

Learn to Make Resin Charms with Epoxy Pigments by Pigmently

A series of resin charms made with epoxy pigments and dyes.
Discover the gorgeous potential of resin charms made with Pigmently premium powder pigments in this beginner-friendly guide!

How to Create Spectacular Resin Waves: Tips, Tricks and Techniques

A serving tray with an epoxy resin wave finish.
Discover how to create dazzling resin waves with our beginner-friendly techniques using just epoxy pigments, resin, and few basic tools!

The Comprehensive Guide: Can You Use Mica Powder in Candles?

A variety of vibrant candles made using mica powder pigments
Read our comprehensive guide to using mica powder pigments in candle making to give your candles a stunning appearance.

Exploring the Beauty of Resin Art: 5 Epoxy Pigment Techniques...

A resin art piece of a clock with a beach-themed background made using wood and blue and white epoxy pigments.
Immerse yourself in the world of resin art with these 5 fascinating techniques for using pigments to make resin art!