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A container of Neon Blue, a signature blue mica by Pigmently. Seen from above with the lid removed to show the colorful contents.

Pigmently Presents: Neon Blue - A Signature Blue Mica

Introduction to Pigmently

Welcome to Pigmently, our online store for high-quality mica powder pigments and liquid dyes.

At Pigmently, we're dedicated to providing artists of all skill levels with the quality they expect and deserve in their mica powders. As artists ourselves, we know how important it is to have a reliable source of colorants that are both consistent in color and non-morphing.

That's why, at Pigmently, we put a very high emphasis on quality assurance. Each of our pigments is carefully produced to an exacting formula, using top-tier ingredients to ensure a clean, potent colorant that won't fade or morph.

In our store, you'll find a wide array of vibrant and beautiful mica powder pigments.

And today, we want to highlight a blue mica from our Neon Series: the Neon Blue Mica Powder Pigment. But first, let's quickly go over what mica powder is for anyone who isn't yet familiar.

What Is Mica Powder?

Mica powder is the finely-ground form of mica, a group of 37 different silicate minerals. As a group, these minerals are found in a variety of distinct hues and exhibit a smooth texture when cut. Most mica minerals possess three particular traits:

  • They're reflective, featuring an inherent shine that is retained in powdered form.
  • When mined, they can be cut into very smooth layers, unlike many other types of minerals, which break up into rough or jagged chunks.
  • Additionally, mica minerals are easy to clean and often colorful.

Mica powder is highly valued for these unique features, which come together to make it perfect for use in art and decor.

Mica is also resistant to light, and mica pigments themselves are both non-morphing and non-fading. Because of this, artists of all kinds have—for a number of years—been incorporating mica powders into their works to enhance their colors and give them longevity.

And each of these qualities is no less true for today's feature tone: Neon Blue.

A sealed container of Neon Blue, a signature blue mica by Pigmently.

Neon Blue: A Signature Blue Mica by Pigmently

Of the various tones in our Neon Series, Neon Blue might be our most nuanced option. The Neon Blue Mica Pigment by Pigmently is a vibrant blue hue with an upbeat tone that feels bright and pleasing without seeming too intense.

Neon Blue is the kind of color you might select if you want the blues in your project to quickly draw the viewer's attention without becoming overwhelming or drowning out the other colors of your work. It makes for a subtle difference, but one that is noticeable in practice, particularly when compared to intensely deep, vivid blues like our Electric Sapphire.

If that sounds like something that appeals to you, come take a look at our Neon Blue page, where you can place an order conveniently for the amount you'd like.

What Neon Blue Tones Represent in Art and Design

Neon blue tones, with their electric and pulsating vibrancy, stand as symbols of modernity, innovation, and the digital era in art and design. This bold and unapologetic shade captures the modern trends of the contemporary age, reflecting rapid technological advancement, the connectedness of the digital world, and the dynamism of urban nightlife.

In art, neon blue can often evoke feelings of energy, movement, and the futuristic, resonating with themes of cyber realities, virtual landscapes, and the vast expanse of the digital cosmos. Its luminescent quality can give artworks a surreal, almost hyper-realistic touch, inviting viewers into dreamlike realms where the familiar meets the fantastical.

In design, neon blue serves as a powerful tool to capture attention, convey innovation, and impart a sense of excitement. Its association with cutting-edge technology makes it a popular choice in branding and advertising for tech companies, electronic products, or events centered around innovation.

Additionally, in interior and fashion design, neon blue accents can introduce a lively and avant-garde aesthetic, signaling boldness and forward-thinking. The allure of neon blue lies in its ability to bridge the tangible and the virtual, grounding designs in the present while hinting at the endless possibilities of the future.

A sample resin cube made with epoxy resin and Neon Blue, a signature blue mica by Pigmently.

Colors That Pair Well With Neon Blue Tones

Neon blue tones, with their intense and electrifying presence, provide a captivating canvas for a multitude of color combinations. For a cool, harmonious look, neon blue can be paired with other neon shades from the cooler side of the spectrum, such as neon greens or purples. This combination creates an almost surreal, techno-futuristic palette, reminiscent of digital landscapes and vibrant city lights.

When juxtaposed with blacks or deep grays, neon blue stands out dramatically, offering a visual contrast that's both stark and invigorating, which can be particularly effective in designs meant to be both modern and impactful.

Conversely, for a dynamic and visually arresting palette, neon blue can be contrasted with warmer neon hues, such as neon oranges or pinks. This interplay of cool and warm tones creates a pulsating visual tension, evoking feelings of energy and movement.

Additionally, pairing neon blue with softer, pastel shades or muted neutrals can help to balance its intensity, offering a contemporary look that's bold yet refined. Such combinations can be effective in designs aiming for a blend of vibrancy and sophistication, making neon blue a versatile and striking choice in various artistic and design contexts.

Pigmently: Your Trusted Source for Premium Blue Mica

At Pigmently, it's our goal to provide high customer satisfaction. Our creation process involves through regular review of our production process to generate vivid shades of unmatched quality.

In our store, you'll find a vast selection of individual mica powder pigments. We also have our curated Colorant Bundles, for those who'd like to try a variety of different mica tones.

And our featured tone of the day, Neon Blue Mica, can be found here in our store; on this page, you can learn more about it and place an order—which we'll have shipped out in no time!

Get ready to bring your art to life with Mica Powder Pigments by Pigmently!


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