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Pigmently's Silver Mica Powder

Silver Mica Powder: Discovering Pigmently Signature Tones

Introduction to Pigmently

Welcome to Pigmently, our enthusiastic store for premium powder pigments and liquid dyes!

As an artist, one of my goals has always been about exploring different mediums and techniques to bring my ideas to life, and Pigmently aids me in that journey with their amazing beautiful, vivid colorants.

Pigmently was born out of the necessity for high-quality, versatile, and safe pigments. We understood the importance of color in art and the role it plays in expressing emotions, setting the mood, and communicating ideas.

That's why we're committed to providing a wide range of colors, each carefully formulated and tested to ensure they meet the standards of professional artists and hobbyists alike.

Our collection spans across a spectrum of hues and shades, offering pigments for every possible project you might have in mind.

Today, we'll be focusing on our signature Silver Mica Powder.

A Container of Silver Mica Powder by Pigmently

What is Mica Powder?

For those who aren't yet aware, mica powder is a mineral-based substance used as a pigment in a variety of art and craft projects. It's derived from mica, a naturally occurring group of silicate minerals. The mica is ground into a fine powder that produces a metallic or pearlescent sheen when light strikes its surface. This effect is why it's so popular among artist and crafters alike.

Mica powder is quite versatile. You can use it in a range of mediums including paint, resin, clay, rubber stamping, paper crafting, and even cosmetic applications like certain makeup products. Its shimmering effect can add depth and dimension to your artwork, making it feel more alive.

However, not all mica powders are created equal. The quality can vary significantly depending on how the mica is processed and the grade of other ingredients in the formula. That's where Pigmently's Silver Glitter Mica Powder Pigment comes into play.

Pigmently's Silver Glitter Mica Powder Pigment

The Silver Mica Powder by Pigmently has been popular among our customers. It boasts a beautiful, fine shimmer, and is carefully formulated to be vibrant and highly potent, ensuring that a little goes a long way.

Our mica powder is not just about the aesthetics; it's also about ease of use and versatility. Whether you're a professional artist working on a large-scale project or a hobbyist looking to add some sparkle to your handmade crafts, our Silver Glitter Mica Powder is the perfect choice.

How to Use Silver Mica Powder in Resin Art

One of the most popular applications of our silver mica powder is in resin art. This type of art involves mixing the mica powder with a clear epoxy resin, then pouring it into a mold or onto a surface to create stunning, glossy, and shimmering pieces.

Our pigments don't have to be used separately, either; they can also be mixed together to generate unique effects. In the image below, you can see an example of how our Silver Powder mixed well with our Dark Matter pigment.

A resin countertop made with a mixture of Pigmently's Silver Glitter Pigment and Dark Matter Pigment.

To use the silver mica powder in resin art, start by preparing your resin according to the manufacturer's instructions. Once your resin is ready, add the mica powder gradually, stirring continuously to ensure that it's evenly distributed. The amount of mica powder you add will depend on the level of sparkle and color intensity you want to achieve.

As soon as your resin and mica powder mixture is ready, pour it into your mold or onto your surface. You can use a heat gun or a torch to remove any air bubbles, then let the resin cure. Once it's fully cured, you'll be left with a stunning piece of resin art that sparkles and shines with the light.

Safety Tips while Using Mica Powder

While mica powder is generally safe to use, it's still important to take precautions while handling and using it. In rare cases, the fine particles can be inhaled or get into your eyes, which can cause irritation.

If you're concerned, we recommend wearing protective gear, such as gloves and a mask, when handling mica powder. If you're working in a room with poor ventilation, consider using a respirator mask to prevent inhalation.

Also, remember to clean up thoroughly after using mica powder. Wipe down your workspace with a wet cloth to collect any residual powder. Wash your hands thoroughly after handling the powder to prevent any accidental ingestion or eye contact.

Pigmently's Silver Mica Powder and three other pigments layered to make a resin knob for a motorcycle.

Where to Buy Silver Mica Powder by Pigmently

If you're interested in elevating your art or craft projects with a touch of luxury and sparkle, our Silver Mica Powder is the perfect choice. You can purchase it directly from our online store.

At Pigmently, we're committed to providing top-quality products that are as vibrant and reliable the first time as they are the 50th time.

With our Silver Mica Powder, you can create stunning, shimmering pieces that truly stand out among the rest. So why wait? Add a touch of sparkle to your creations with our Silver Mica Powder today!


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