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Two wooden resin trays with a tinted epoxy vein running through the length. One has a blue tint and the other has an orange tint.

Epoxy Colors by Pigmently: Explore a World of Vibrant Pigments

Introduction to Epoxy Colors

Welcome to Pigmently, our online store for high-quality epoxy pigments and resin dyes.

Today we'll be talking about epoxy colors, i.e., colorants used to change the appearance of epoxy resin by seamlessly blending into a resin batch during mixing.

As art and craft enthusiasts, we're continually fascinated by the versatility of epoxy resin. For most variants, epoxy begins as two liquid components. When these components are combined, a chemical reaction occurs that causes them to harden into a glossy, rock-solid substance with a glasslike appearance.

Before they harden, however, they're incredible receptive to epoxy colors such as epoxy pigments and resin dyes, two types of colorants we at Pigmently specialize in.

Why to Choose Epoxy Colors by Pigmently

For years, Pigmently has been a front runner in the realm of epoxy colors. Our powder pigments are second to none in quality and ease of use, and our resin dyes are potent, vivid, and highly refined for consistent, reliable results.

At Pigmently, we know how important it is to have a trustworthy source of dependable epoxy colorants. That's why Pigmently was founded in the first place. We wanted there to be a place for artists and creators, regardless of experience, to obtain the colors they need with the quality they expect and deserve.

During production, Pigmently colorants are carefully created using well-refined formulas. We hold ourselves to strict standards of quality assurance, so you know that you're getting the best. We also use premium-grade ingredients in the creation of our epoxy colors to ensure potent, long-lasting products that won't fade and are easily mixed into epoxy resin.

In our store, we offer an extensive range of different colors separated as powder pigments and liquid dyes.

An epoxy resin tray made with wood and epoxy, featuring an epoxy vein with several different epoxy colors.

Understanding Epoxy Colors: Mica Powder Pigments and Liquid Dyes

Among the different types of epoxy colors, there are two dominant groups: mica powder pigments and liquid resin dyes.

What are Mica Powder Pigments?

Mica powder pigments are natural minerals that are ground into a powdered form. They are known for their shimmering effect, making them perfect for projects that require a bit of sparkle. Pigmently's mica powders come in a variety of colors, and because they don't fully dissolve when blended into epoxy, they enable you to generate stunning effects in your resin projects.

Mica powder pigments are perfect when you want your resin to have an opaque, textured appearance. Most epoxy pigments will seem to impart several subtly different shades of the primary tone into the resin.

What are Liquid Resin Dyes?

Liquid dyes, on the other hand, are highly concentrated colorants that blend seamlessly as a singular tone with epoxy resin. They're perfect for achieving a transparent or translucent effect in your projects.

Each of the liquid resin dyes at Pigmently are made from high-quality ingredients, ensuring vibrant color and a smooth finish.

Don't be afraid to experiment with epoxy colors

Using mica powders and liquid dyes in your epoxy projects can be a lot of fun. They allow you to experiment with different colors and effects, adding depth and dimension to your creations.

Whether you're making jewelry, artwork, or home decor items, Pigmently's mica powders and liquid dyes will help you achieve the desired results.

An epoxy resin serving tray made with Pigmently's Deep Space Blue, Purple Ink, and Vegas Dust epoxy pigments.

How to Use Epoxy Colors in Your Projects

Using epoxy colors in your projects can be a satisfying endeavor. However, it requires a bit of planning and preparation.

  1. Choose the colors for your project. Pigmently offers a wide range of epoxy colors, giving you plenty of options to choose from.
  2. Mix the epoxy resin and hardener according to the manufacturer's instructions. Stir smoothly and without using much force to prevent air from being pulled into the mixture.
  3. Partway through, add the epoxy colors. We recommend starting with a small amount of color and gradually adding more until you achieve the desired shade. Remember, it's easier to add more color than to take it away.
  4. Finish mixing the epoxy thoroughly to ensure the color is evenly distributed. Again, be careful not to mix with too much force, as this can introduce bubbles into the epoxy, which can affect the final finish.
  5. Pour the epoxy. You can pour it into your mold or onto your surface. Allow the epoxy to cure fully before handling your project.

Tips and Tricks for Using Epoxy Colors

Here are a few tips that can help you get the most out of your epoxy colors and avoid issues.

  • Always make sure to mix your epoxy resin and hardener thoroughly before adding the colors. This will ensure a smooth and even finish.
  • Start with a small amount of color and gradually add more until you achieve the desired shade. A little goes a long way with Pigmently Epoxy Colors, which are highly potent.
  • Be mindful of the curing time. Epoxy takes time to cure, and rushing the process can lead to unsatisfactory results.
  • Don't be afraid to experiment. One of the best things about epoxy colors is the ability to mix and match different shades to create unique effects. So let your creativity run wild and have fun with it!
Two translucent resin art pieces, one shaped like a starfish, the other shaped like a shell. They were tinted with Pigmently's Teal, Neon Green, and Peacock Blue resin dyes


Pigmently: Your Trusted Source for Premium Epoxy Colors

At Pigmently, we're dedicated to being a trustworthy source of premium epoxy colors. To ensure each Pigmently colorant meets our high standards, we only allow top-notch ingredients to be used in our formulas. By not compromising on production, we're able to provide you with the quality you deserve.

In our store, we offer a vast array of vibrant and long-lasting colors that are perfect for all types of epoxy projects. If you're interested in a variety of epoxy colors, check out our Curated Bundles, which are a cost-effective way to try out a wide selection of different pigments and dyes.

Know exactly what colors you want? Just jump straight to our Pigments section, where you can place an order for any specific tone today.

Bring your resin art to life with Pigmently Epoxy Colors!


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