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A colorful wooden epoxy resin tray made using several distinct mica powder tones.

What Is Mica Used for in Resin?

When it comes to epoxy resin, there's no shortage of ways to customize its appearance, such as by molding its shape prior to curing or by imbuing it with vivid tones of color.

To accomplish the latter, most resin users will use mica powder pigments. These are potent mica-based colorants that blend well with epoxy resin to impart a stunning series of tones and visual textures.

In this article, we'll explain what mica is used for in resin, as well as the best way to apply it, and finally we'll answer a few questions we occasionally receive.

What Is Mica Used for in Resin?

Well, first of all, mica is used in resin to give it a solid, opaque color.

Because mica minerals are insoluble, the numerous tiny particles in a mica powder pigment will retain their form when added to epoxy resin.

That, combined with the fact that mica is reflective by nature, means that when light tries to pass through a mica-infused resin finish, much of it gets absorbed or reflected. This produces a soft sparkling effect in the epoxy resin, which gently shimmers in the light.

Mica Powders Exist in a Wide Range of Colors

Mica powder pigments can be found in numerous different colors. In our Pigmently store, for instance, there are traditional tones such as Green, Blue, and Turquoise. Then there are metallic tones, such as Bronze, Steel, and Gold. We also feature unusual options such as our Glow in the Dark Series.

To see the full array of mica powder pigments we offer, click here.

A woman holding a round work of epoxy resin art with an ocean-themed wave, colored by mica powder pigments.

Mica Powder Is Stable in the Sun

Another reason mica is used in resin is because of its stability in sunlight. Mica minerals are colorfast, meaning they won't fade or morph over time like most colorants do. This makes them an excellent option for resin projects that will be exposed to direct sunlight or be left outdoors.

Mica's colorfastness serves two functions here:

  • First, the mica's color stays just as deep or vibrant as it was when first applied, making it perfect for epoxy resin, a material intended to last for many years.

  • Second, the presence of mica powder mitigates yellowing in epoxy resin.

    It's an inevitable fact that clear epoxy will gradually yellow through exposure to UV rays—typically from direct sunlight. However, mica's colorfastness and reflectivity not only slow this process down, but also make its effect negligible, as the potent mica powder colors are far more prominent than the mild yellowing effect of the epoxy.

It also helps to choose a high-quality epoxy resin for your resin projects. This will ensure the longevity of your creative endeavors.

Q&A: Mica Powder for Resin

Below are a couple questions that we get occasionally, as well as our answers to them:

Why does mica powder sink in resin?

Typically, this will occur when adding mica powder to a low-viscosity epoxy resin. Because mica is insoluble, when it is mixed into a resin, each particle will retain its shape. If you therefore add mica powder to your low-viscosity resin without properly mixing it in and then applying it as intended, the mica will gradually drop until it settles at the bottom.

You can avoid this issue by applying your epoxy resin batch after mixing your mica into it, preventing it from settling.

Can you put mica powder in a mold before the resin?

Yes. It's not uncommon for people to dust their molds prior to adding a batch of epoxy resin. This will ensure the sparkling mica powder is present at the surface of your epoxy resin piece when it has cured and been removed from the mold.

A wooden epoxy river table top made using red mica powder.

Pigmently: Your Trusted Source for Premium Mica Powder for Epoxy

At Pigmently, we're committed to providing premium colorants for DIY creators of any skill level. All of our mica powder pigments are produced to a carefully refined formula.

By using only high-grade ingredients to ensure clean and potent results, we're able to maintain our high standards for quality assurance. This allows us to offer our users a selection of exceptional pigments that blend incredibly well with epoxy resin.

In our store, you'll find a wide array of premium mica powders to use in your creations. You can also view our premium liquid dyes collection, which are also suited for epoxy resin projects.

If you find yourself interested in multiple shades, consider our curated Colorant Value Bundles, which are cost-effective ways to obtain a variety of colorful mica powder pigments.

Bring your creations to life with premium Mica Powder Pigments by Pigmently!

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