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Four resin coasters colored with various mica powder pigments.

Should I Use Mica Powder or Liquid for Resin?

When it comes to coloring resin, there are two predominant options.

The first option is mica powder pigment. Mica powders are dry, powder-based colorants made primarily from mica minerals.

The second option is liquid dye. Liquid dyes are concentrated liquid colorants that can be made from a variety of different materials, depending on the desired color.

But how do these options compare to each other? That's one of the questions this article intends to answer.

Below, we'll discuss the pros and cons of either, and when you should choose one over the other. We'll also provide answers to a few common questions we get asked about mica powder for resin.

Should I Use Mica Powder or Liquid for Resin?

The short answer is that you should use mica powder if you want an opaque finish with an elegant shimmer that sparkles in the light, and you should use liquid dye if you'd prefer a translucent finish.

Still, there are subtle details that may influence this decision. Below we'll go a bit more in-depth on both colorant types.

Mica Powder: Mineral-Based Powder Pigments

Mica powder is a pigment created from mica minerals, of which there are 37 distinct varieties. Despite that number, only a few are regularly used for the vast majority of mica powders.

When mica powder is mined, cleaned, and ground into a fine dust, it can be used to color various mediums, or applied directly to surfaces, depending on artistic goalas.

When mica powder for resin is mixed into an epoxy batch, its numerous particles get suspended in the epoxy solution. Because mica powder is insoluble, each particle retains its form and color. This results in a colorful, opaque resin finish with a gentle shimmering effect.

In our Pigmently store, you'll find a wide array of individual mica powders perfectly suited for epoxy resin, which is highly receptive this type of pigment.

Resin Dye: Vivid Liquid-Based Resin Colorants

Our liquid dyes, on the other hand, are highly potent colorants designed to evenly disperse throughout the epoxy resin.

With liquid resin dyes, you get a uniform color tone that keeps the resin translucent to allow light to shine through. This effect provides a refined yet stunning display for any epoxy finish or work of resin art.

In our Pigmently store, you'll find a premium selection of pure, concentrated liquid dyes. These can be mixed with other colors to change the shade and tone.

It's Mostly Down to Personal Preference

Both types of colorants are great, and the primary differences are aesthetic. So when deciding which to use, it will mostly come down to your creative goals and aesthetic preferences.

There is an exception, however. For outdoor resin projects, mica powder has a slight advantage. Due to mica powders insoluble nature and reflective properties, it tends to make epoxy resin more resilient to the negative effects of UV radiation, which is a part of sunlight.

When sunlight passes through the earth's atmosphere, most of the harmful effects are filtered out. Still, some remain, including UV-radiation. When this component of sunlight hits resin, it interferes with chemical makeup of it. This is exhibited as a "yellowing" effect.

With mica powder in the resin mix, much of the UV radiation gets reflected, preventing it from penetrating deep into the resin surface. Additionally, the mica powder's potent colors tend to overpower any yellowing that does occur. It's this interaction that makes mica powder a (usually) preferable choice for outdoor resin projects.

For Indoor/Shaded Resin Projects, Use What Appeals to You

At the end of the day, the decision you're making is primarily an aesthetic one. You should therefore choose the type of colorant that you think will make your resin project more appealing.

If you want a multi-toned shimmer with an opaque resin finish, stick with mica powder pigments.

If you want a translucent (i.e., semi-transparent) resin finish with a smooth, singular tone, go with the liquid resin dyes.

Pigmently: Your Trusted Source for Premium Mica Powder for Epoxy

At Pigmently, we're committed to providing premium mica powders and liquid dyes for DIY creators of any skill level. All of our colorants are strictly produced to a refined formula.

By using only high-grade ingredients to ensure a clean, potent, and vibrant result, we maintain high standards of quality, which allows us to offer our users with a selection of high-grade pigments that mix well into other mediums.

In our store, you'll find a wide array of premium mica powders and liquid dyes to use in your creations.

If you find yourself searching for multiple shades, consider our curated Colorant Value Bundles, which are cost-effective ways to obtain a variety of colorful mica powder pigments.

Bring your creations to life with premium Mica Powder Pigments by Pigmently!

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