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A container of Real Royal Blue Mica by Pigmently, seen from above with the lid removed to showcase the vibrant contents.

Pigmently Presents: Real Royal Blue - A Signature Blue Mica

Introduction to Pigmently

Welcome to Pigmently, our online store for high-quality mica powder pigments and liquid dyes.

At Pigmently, we specialize in colorants for artists of any skill levels. Our colorants are carefully produced with strict formulas and top-grade ingredients to create vibrant, long-lasting pigments that are potent and non-fading.

We know how important it is for artists to have a reliable source of colorants for their works—that's why Pigmently was founded. When you buy from us, you get a level of quality assurance that speaks to our high production standards and genuine love for art and decor.

Today, we'll be highlighting a signature blue mica we offer at Pigmently: the Real Royal Blue mica powder pigment. But first, for those who are unfamiliar, we'll quickly cover what mica is and how it becomes a pigment.

So, What Is Mica?

Mica is the name of a group of silicate minerals that are found throughout the earth's crust. These minerals come in a variety of colors, and have a distinctive shared feature: they all shine in the light.

Mica is often mined, cleaned, and then ground into a fine powder to create pigments. This includes blue mica such as Pigmently's Real Royal Blue and Deep Blue Wonder pigments.

Mica retains its reflective properties even when ground into a powder. This means that mica pigments can impart a shimmering effect to any medium they are combined with, whether epoxy, paint, soap bases, or something else.

In our Pigmently store, you'll find a wide array of beautiful mica pigments, each with their own distinct shades and textures.

A sealed container of Real Royal Blue Mica by Pigmently, seen from the front to show the labeling.

Real Royal Blue: A Pigmently Signature Blue Mica

The Real Royal Blue Mica by Pigmently is one of our signature mica tones. It is one of the most intense and saturated blue tones we offer, perhaps tied with Neon Blue and Electric Sapphire.

This blue is a lush, vibrant shade that can really capture the attention of viewers when applied to your art, making it exceptional for painting, either mixed into the paint itself or sprinkled over it before it fully dries.

As with all other Pigmently Pigments in our store, Real Royal Blue blends easily with epoxy resin. In resin art, it is often a key tone for creating artistic ocean-scapes and wave effects. It's also incredibly potent, so a little goes a long way when using this pigment.

In fact, when applying Real Royal Blue to any medium, we recommend starting with just a small amount, because the color is likely more intense than you'd think. From there, you can just gradually use more until you achieve a point of color saturation that you're satisfied with.


A resin sample cube made with Pigmently's Real Royal Blue Mica.


What the Color Blue Represents in Art and Design

In the vast spectrum of hues, the color blue holds a special place in art and design, often evoking a range of emotions, ideas, and associations that transcend cultural boundaries.

At its essence, blue is the color of the sky and the sea, making it inherently associated with the vastness, depth, and serenity of the natural world. Artists have long been drawn to this hue, using it to convey feelings of calm, safety, introspection, and infinity.

Historically, blue was a color of significance and value. The rarity of blue pigments like lapis lazuli, which were used to create rich ultramarine colors during the Renaissance, made artworks that prominently featured blue especially treasured. The value and mystique surrounding this pigment often led artists to reserve blue for particularly important subjects or figures, notably the Virgin Mary in Christian art. In such cases, the use of blue was not just a testament to the artist's skill, but also a nod to the divine or celestial.

In contemporary design, blue remains as pivotal as ever. It's a favored color in corporate branding due to its associations with trustworthiness, reliability, and stability. Think about the blue logos of global tech giants and financial institutions, which aim to project an image of dependability and authority. On a psychological level, blue is known to have a calming effect, reducing stress and creating a sense of peace. This is why interior designers often recommend blue hues for spaces where relaxation and contemplation are paramount, like bedrooms or meditation rooms.

Yet, blue is not without its more somber connotations. It's also the color of melancholy and sadness – the origin of the phrase "feeling blue." Artists might employ darker shades of blue to invoke feelings of introspection or to touch upon themes of isolation.

Whether used to depict the ethereal vastness of the sky, the sacred aura of the divine, the dependable image of a brand, or the intricate layers of human emotion, blue remains one of the most versatile and evocative colors in the artist's and designer's palette.

An ocean-themed resin art piece made using seashells, sand, epoxy resin, and several Pigmently Pigments, including our Real Royal Blue Mica.

Colors That Pair Well With Blue

Blue, with its broad spectrum from pale sky blues to deep navies, offers a wealth of pairing opportunities in design. One of the most harmonious pairings is with its complementary color, orange. The warmth of orange contrasts perfectly with the coolness of blue, creating a vibrant and balanced visual appeal. This duo can range from navy blue paired with burnt orange for a sophisticated, moody ambiance, to aqua or turquoise paired with soft peach for a fresh and lively look. Similarly, gold and yellow tones can provide a radiant contrast to deeper blues, conjuring images of sunlit skies or opulent Byzantine mosaics.

Another elegant pairing can be found in combining blue with neutrals like grey, beige, or white. These neutral shades allow the richness of blue to stand out, resulting in a clean and contemporary aesthetic. A crisp white paired with a nautical blue can evoke seaside charm, while a soft grey can lend a modern, chic feel when combined with muted blues. Moreover, shades of green, especially those with blue undertones like teal or mint, can create a serene, natural palette reminiscent of Earth's landscapes, from coastal horizons to tranquil lagoons. Ultimately, blue's versatility allows it to harmonize with a multitude of colors, creating an array of moods and atmospheres.

Pigmently: Your Trusted Source for Premium Blue Mica

At Pigmently, we've dedicated ourselves to being a trustworthy provider of high-quality mica pigments and liquid dyes. Among our carefully refined collection is a variety of blue mica shades. Whether you're a newcomer to mica pigments or a seasoned artist looking for the best, Pigmently is here to provide.

You can order Real Royal Blue in our store. We also have a number of curated Colorant Bundles, which are a cost-effective way to test out a sizable selection of Pigmently Pigments.

If you're interested in experiencing the luxuriant quality of premium mica pigments, come give Pigmently a try—and get ready to see your artwork come to life!


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