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A container of Pistachio Green Pigment by Pigmently, seen from above with the lid removed to showcase the pastel green contents.

Pigmently Presents: Pistachio Green - A Signature Green Pigment

Introduction to Pigmently

Welcome to Pigmently, our online store for high-quality mica powder pigments and liquid dyes.

At Pigmently, we don't just sell pigments; we're artists ourselves. So we know how valuable it is to have a reliable way to get high-quality pigments and dyes for your creations. That's why Pigmently was founded in the first place.

We created Pigmently because we wanted to be the type of provider that people could trust to deliver a consistent, potent product, without secretly changing things or cutting corners on quality.

Here at Pigmently, our colorants are all produced to exacting standards, with strictly-followed formulas made using premium-grade ingredients. That's how we are able to offer the best in powder pigments and dyes.

Today, we'll be highlighting a signature green pigment from our collection, Pistachio Green.

But first, let's go over the basics of mica powder pigments for those who aren't familiar.

What Are Mica Powder Pigments?

Mica powder pigments are colorants that come in the form of a finely ground powder. These pigments are made from mica, which is the name of a group of silicate minerals known for their inherent shine. Mica minerals are available in a range of colors, which can be mixed together to generate even more tones.

When these minerals are mined, cleaned, and ground into dust, they can be used as a pigment. In this form, because of how finely ground they are, they're able to disperse easily into liquid substances, despite their non-dissolving properties.

Mica powder, when used as a pigment, retains its reflective nature by imparting a delicate shimmer to any medium it is applied to or combined with. Sometimes these powders are also combined with additional additives, such as non-mica minerals or synthetic materials. These allow mica pigments to reach a wider range of vibrant and distinctive hues and color tones.

At Pigmently, we have a wide selection of mica powder pigments, as well as a number of curated Mica Pigment Bundles, which feature a cost-effective price, enabling creators to obtain a variety of colors to test in their works.

A sealed container of Pistachio Green Pigment by Pigmently, seen from the front to show the labeling.

Pistachio Green: A Signature Green Pigment by Pigmently

In our store is a sizable selection of green pigments and dyes, and among these is our Pistachio Green Pigment.

Pistachio Green is one of our less saturated tones, much like Pine Green. It's just as potent in terms of pigmentation, but conveys a pastel green shade that is less intense than its vibrant counterparts.

As with every green pigment at Pigmently, this tone has been carefully refined and is created with high standards for quality assurance. It's non-fading, so the pastel color won't shift over time, and it's very fine, making it easy to apply to a variety of suitable mediums, such as epoxy resin, a soap base, or even candle wax.

With Pistachio Green, you're mostly limited by your aesthetic goals, as the pigment itself is very versatile.

What Do Green Pastel Tones Represent in Art and Design?

Green pastel tones are soft, muted, and calming, holding their own significance in art and design. They evoke a sense of serenity and rejuvenation, often bringing to mind the early signs of spring.

In many cultures, muted green tones such as pastel green are seen as symbols of renewal, hope, and growth. The subtlety of this hue tends to lend itself to themes of tranquility, emphasizing a gentle return to life and vitality without the boldness that brighter or deeper greens might assert.

In design, green pastel tones are often used to create calming and inviting spaces. They're particularly favored in environments intended for relaxation or meditation, as they channel the restful qualities of nature without overwhelming the senses.

Pastel greens can be used to bridge the gap between traditional and contemporary design, offering a timeless quality that's both elegant and forward-thinking. Through their soft, understated beauty, green pastel tones are able to inspire artists and designers to create works that resonate with renewal and understated elegance.

A sample resin cube made using Pigmently's Pistachio Green Pigment.

Colors That Pair Well with Pastel Green

Pastel greens, with their gentle, soothing nature, facilitate many pairings that can either enhance their calming aesthetic or introduce vibrant contrasts.

One harmonious companion to a pastel like Pistachio Green is soft rose or blush pink. This delicate combination draws inspiration from the floral world, mirroring the colors of rose petals against fresh leaves, and evoking feelings of spring and new beginnings.

Creams and light beige or adjacent tones also beautifully complement pastel green, adding warmth and creating a neutral, earthy palette that's both inviting and balanced.

On the more contrasting side, pastel green pairs wonderfully with muted lavender or lilac shades, giving designs a contemporary and dreamy touch reminiscent of a blossoming garden.

For a more dramatic and lively contrast, shades of coral or terracotta can be paired with pastel green, creating a vibrant yet refined aesthetic. Metallic accents, especially in gold or copper, can also introduce an element of sophistication when combined with pastel green, adding a touch of luxury and shine.

Whether aiming for a serene and subdued look or a more dynamic and contrasting design, pastel green proves to be a versatile and adaptable hue, effortlessly blending with a myriad of colors.

Pigmently: Your Trusted Source for Premium Green Pigments and Dyes

At Pigmently, we're committed to being a trustworthy place for you to obtain the pigments and dyes you need for your artistic endeavors.

In our store, you'll find a wide array of individual pigments, as well as cost-saving bundles for when you'd like to try a variety of different hues.

If Pistachio Green has caught your eye, head on over to the store page, where you can place an order with ease—which we'll have shipped out in no time!


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