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Mica Powder for Candles: A Guide to Where to Get It and How to Apply It

Making candles at home is a charming hobby. It enables allows you to customize your candles in terms of scent, color, and even texture. One way to add a unique touch is by using mica powder for candles. This raises the question, where can you get good mica powder for candles?

We'll be answering that question, while also providing insights into how mica powder can be used in candle-making—along with some tips and tricks.

What is Mica Powder?

Mica powder is a fine, glittery substance created from ground mica minerals, often with colorful additives. It's typically used in cosmetics, soaps, bath, and resin products to impart an elegant shimmering effect. Mica powder can be found in a wide array of colors, allowing you to customize your projects with an aesthetic touch.

Here at Pigmently, we offer a diverse selection of premium mica powders pigments, with a focus on quality and reliability in color.

The Role of Mica Powder in Candle Making

The usual role of mica powder in candle making is to add sparkle and shimmer to your candles. Depending on how you use it, mica powder can either color the entire candle or just decorate the outer surface, creating a beautiful, shiny visual effect.

However, there is a potential caveat to the inclusion of mica powder for candles. While mica powder does add an alluring sheen, it is unable to dissolve perfectly into candle wax. It is therefore possible in some cases for the powder to clog the candle's wick, leading to a smaller flame.

Fortunately, this concern can be mitigated, and many candle makers successfully use mica powder in their projects.

A selection of decorative mica-pigmented candles.

How to Add Mica Powder to Candles

There are two practical methods for adding mica powder to your candles:

  1. Add it to to melted wax: This involves adding mica powder to the melted wax before pouring it into the mold.
  2. Decorate the exterior of a solidified candle: This involves applying mica powder to the surface through brushing and manual sprinkling.

Let's delve deeper into these methods and understand how you can use mica powder in each of them.

Method #1: Coloring Melted Wax with Mica Powder

When you choose to add mica powder to the melted wax, there is a specific process to follow.

First, melt your candle base. Once it has fully melted, apply any candle-suitable dye and mix thoroughly. After that, you can add your desired amount of mica powder. We suggest no more than 1/16 tsp. of mica powder per 16 fl. oz. of base.

For example, an 8 oz. liquid base would receive 1/32 tsp., whereas a 32 oz. liquid base would receive 1/8 tsp of mica powder, at most. You can, of course, use less for a more subtle approach.

When using mica powder in this manner, you'll find that the mica's shimmering effect will become apparent as the candle melts and the suspended mica is revealed to the light.

It's also worth noting that a mica powder-infused candle may function best with a wooden wick instead of a cotton wick.

Method #2: Decorating Candles with Mica Powder

If you'd prefer to use mica powder for decorating the surface of your candle, you also have the option to apply the powder manually with your finger or a brush.

For instance, if you use molds to make your candles, you can dust them with mica powder before pouring the wax. Once the wax cools down, the mica powder will stick to the surface of your candles, giving them a delicate external sheen and colorful appearance.

You might also elect to sprinkle mica powder on top of your wax after the candle has cooled down and gently spread it with a small utensil or your finger. This gives the top surface a shimmering look and brings a touch of the sparkle when the flame melts the top surface of wax.

We also like to decorate candles by first diluting the mica powder within alcohol and then painting the outside of the candle. This is good if you want to create beautiful patterns on the side of the candle.

Regardless of the method you choose, remember, a little goes a long way with mica powder, so use the powder sparingly for making candles.

Two layer candles with bright pigmented appearances.

Mica Powder by Pigmently: The Optimal Choice

Mica powder can be a fun addition to your candle making as long as you take care in applying it in moderation. Its shimmering effect can look absolutely stunning in the light of a flame or from ambient lighting elsewhere.

If you're ready to give this technique a shot, Pigmently is ready to cover your mica powder needs. All of our mica powders are premium grade, so you know you'll get a pure, clean color from any powder you purchase from us. Our high production standards also mean you can expect consistent quality time and time again.

So, can you use mica powder in candles? The answer is a resounding yes! Just be sure to choose high-quality mica powders from a reliable source.


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