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A container of Lime Green by Pigmently, a signature mica green pigment, seen from above with the lid removed to showcase the colorful contents.

Pigmently Presents: Lime Green - A Signature Mica Green Pigment

Introduction to Pigmently

Welcome to Pigmently, our online store for high-quality mica powder pigments and liquid dyes.

At Pigmently, we're dedicated to providing artists and creators of all levels of experience with the colorants they need to achieve their creative goals.

As artists ourselves, we know how important it is to have a reliable source of pigments that are high-quality and consistent in tone. That's why Pigmently was founded; we wanted to fill that void.

In our store is a wide range of mica powder pigments, each produced to high standards of quality assurance, our concerted effort to provide artists with the premium quality they expect and deserve for their supplies.

In this article, we'll be highlighting one of our signature mica green pigments, Lime Green by Pigmently. But first, we want to go over what mica powder is, for those reading this who aren't yet familiar.

What Is Mica Powder?

Mica powder is the finely ground form of mica, a series of silicate minerals valued for their color diversity and inherent reflective sheen. Mica is regularly found throughout the earth's crust. From there, it is mined, cleaned, and can be ground into a powder to be used as colorants in a wide variety of arts and crafts.

Mica minerals are considered non-toxic, making most mica pigments non-toxic as well. However some mica pigments are not solely mica, but also contain additives—sometimes synthetic, sometimes natural—which enable new shades of color to be produced that mica alone cannot achieve. The potential downside to this is that some (not all) of these additives can be unsafe for things like cosmetic use on lips or near eyes.

At Pigmently, our mica pigments are carefully crafted for high potency, so that a little goes a long way. You can use small amounts in your project to achieve results that would require substantially more through other brands.

A sealed container of Lime Green by Pigmently, a signature mica green powder pigment.

Lime Green: A Signature Mica Green Pigment by Pigmently

Pigmently's Lime Green Mica Powder is one of our softest green tones. This mica green pigment is less saturated than others in our store, such as Emerald Green or Neon Green. It's a gentle, relaxing shade of green that nonetheless stands out for its upbeat color.

As with our other pigments, Lime Green is manufactured to exacting standards, with our signature formula for top-tier results. This is the perfect shade of green to use if you want something that doesn't insist on taking center stage, but isn't drowned out by other, more vibrant tones.

What Soft Green Tones Represent in Art and Design

Soft green tones in art and design are often synonymous with a sense of renewal, balance, and harmony. They evoke memories of early spring foliage, with gentle shades that symbolize the rejuvenation and life-affirming energy of nature, conveying feelings of calm, peace, and restoration.

The association of soft greens like Lime Green or Pine Green with natural environments and tranquility makes it a favored choice for spaces dedicated to relaxation and well-being. Beyond its restful attributes, soft green also represents fertility and prosperity and is linked to a sense of stability and endurance, which can inspire a feeling of safety and grounding in viewers or occupants of a space.

In design contexts, soft green tones are versatile and are widely used to create serene and welcoming atmospheres. Whether applied in home interiors, branding, or digital design, the subtle vibrancy of soft green can invigorate a design without overwhelming the visual senses, often imparting a fresh and airy quality to the space or object.

In combination with its natural complements like earthy browns and soft yellows, or contrasted with bolder hues, soft green acts as a harmonious medium, establishing equilibrium and a sense of organic unity within diverse design compositions. The soothing and balanced nature of soft green continues to make it a timeless and adaptable choice in art and design disciplines.

A sample resin cube made using epoxy resin and Pigmently's Lime Green Mica Powder.

Colors That Pair Well With Soft Green Tones

Soft green tones, with their subtle and soothing essence, pair beautifully with a plethora of colors to achieve varying aesthetics. For a serene and harmonious look, soft greens meld seamlessly with other muted tones like soft blues, light yellows, or gentle lavenders, creating an environment that is calming and balanced, invoking a sense of natural tranquility and relaxation.

Soft green also complements earthy, neutral tones such as beiges, browns, and grays, enhancing the grounding and restorative ambiance of a space. This combination is particularly effective in spaces meant for reflection and rejuvenation, like meditation rooms or conservatories, as it echoes the myriad tones found in nature, fostering a peaceful and welcoming atmosphere.

Conversely, to create more dynamic and lively interactions, soft green tones can be juxtaposed with bolder, more saturated colors like deep blues or vibrant pinks. The contrast between the soft, understated green and the more assertive colors can bring a sense of energy and vibrancy to a design. Likewise, soft green paired with crisp whites can make a space feel fresh, clean, and invigorating, while maintaining a sense of comfort and ease. The versatility of soft green makes it an invaluable color in design, allowing for a broad spectrum of moods and styles, from the subdued and harmonious to the striking and vivacious.

Pigmently: Your Trusted Source for Mica Green Pigments

At Pigmently, our priority is quality assurance. We want to be certain that the products we ship to you are top-of-the-line in color, resilience, and ease of use.

In our store, you'll find a diverse array of individual mica powder pigments, including several other mica green pigments. We also have a selection of curated colorant bundles, which are a cost-effective way to try out a variety of different pigments.

And if Lime Green has caught your eye, take a look at its page in our store, where you can place an order with ease—and we'll have it shipped out in no time!

Bring your art to life with Pigmently Mica Powder Pigments!


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