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Finding the Right Balance: How Much Mica Powder to Use...

A text overlay saying "Pigmently's Guide on How much mica powder to use in resin."
Learn how to find the right balance for mica powder in your epoxy project with Pigmently premium pigments!

Make Amazing Epoxy Resin Art with Premium Pigments by Pigmently

An epoxy resin tray made using Pigmently Blue Resin Dye
Learn how to make beautiful, long-lasting epoxy resin art with our premium epoxy pigments by Pigmently!

How Pigmently Colorant for Epoxy Resin Can Maximize Your Artwork's...

An epoxy resin tray made with different epoxy colorants swirled together.
Learn how Pigmently Epoxy Colorants can provide your resin works with beautiful, vivid color that will never fade.

From Dull to Dazzling: Explore the Best Source for Epoxy...

An epoxy tray with multiple epoxy colors mixed into the resin.
Discover the amazing variety and quality of Pigmently Premium Epoxy Colors.

The Truth Revealed: Are Mica Powder Pigments Safe for Use?

An epoxy resin table made with blue mica powder pigments
Learn how safe mica powder pigments are in this informative article.