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Are All Mica Powders the Same?

Four different epoxy resin coasters colored with various Pigmently Mica Powders.
Discover what makes each mica powder distinct in this explainer!

What Do You Mix Mica Powder With?

An epoxy resin tray made with wood and green mica powder pigment.
Knowing what you can and can't mix mica powder with is essential to understanding whether it suits your needs or for giving you direction on how to

Is Powder Pigment the Same as Mica Powder?

A mound of blue pigment powder.
Make the right choices for your creative works by discovering the differences between most powder pigments and mica powder.

Is Liquid Dye Better Than Powder? What's the Difference?

Two surfboard-shaped resin pieces, one made with liquid dyes and the other made with powder pigments.
Understanding the differences between liquid dye and powder pigments can help you make the right choices for your creative endeavors. Learn more here!

What Is the Difference Between Metallic Pigment and Mica Powder?

A text overlay that says "Pigmently FAQs: What is the difference between metallic pigment and mica powder?" The overlay has a blurred background featuring an epoxy tray with a metallic pigmented epoxy vein.
Jargon can be useful, but only if it's comprehensible. Learn the distinction between "metallic pigment" and "mica powder" in this brief explainer.

Will Mica Powder Dye Your Skin?

Two wide makeup brushes dispersing different colored mica powders.
Learn how mica powder pigments affect your skin in this Pigmently explainer.