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A container of Magical Magenta, one of Pigmently's signature red pigments. Seen from above with the lid removed to show the contents.

Pigmently Presents: Magical Magenta, One of Our Signature Red Pigments

Introduction to Pigmently Mica Powder Pigments

Welcome to Pigmently, our online store for high-quality mica powder pigments and dyes.

Pigmently was founded on the concept that artists of any skill level should have a reliable way to acquire top-notch, affordable colorants for use in their creative works and decorative crafts.

At Pigmently, you'll find an array of vivid pigments that feature many colorful hues and visual textures. In this blog post, we'll be examining one of our signature red pigments, the Magical Magenta Mica Powder by Pigmently.

What are Mica Powder Pigments?

Mica powder pigments are the ground form of mica turned into a material intended to be used as a colorant.

Mica itself is a group of silicate minerals that can be found in a variety of different colors, and which inherently feature a natural reflective sheen. This sheen and range of colors are what make mica so appealing as a primary ingredient for pigments.

Mica itself is typically considered non-toxic as well, though some vibrant colors are only possible with the addition of non-mica compounds that may not exhibit the same degree of safety.

At Pigmently, we sell a wide range of Mica Powder Pigments, most of which are natural mica powder, but some of which feature other pure ingredients to produce a stunning, vibrant result in shades of color that are otherwise not possible with mica alone.

Typically mica pigments can be easily combined with a variety of mediums, such as paints, resin, soap bases, candle wax, and much more. They are not suitable for use in food, however, and should not be applied to anything intended for consumption.

A sealed container of Magical Magenta Pigment by Pigmently, seen from the front.

Magical Magenta: One of Pigmently's Signature Red Pigments

Among Pigmently's selection of red pigments is our Magical Magenta tone.

This vivid red hue has just a slight tinge of pink, which makes it a littler deeper and less intense than a fiery tone such as Watermelon Red.

This subtle shift makes it a warm and inviting shade of red. And like most mica powders, it has a beautiful, delicate shimmer that provides a soft sheen to any medium it's combined with.

Though it stands well on its own, it can also be coordinated with other colors to bring out the best from your art. Whether bold and dramatic, or subtle and elegant, it's easy to find a place for Magical Magenta in your creative endeavors. This makes it a fantastic choice for artists of all styles and mediums.

What the Color Red Represents in Art and Design

The color red has long been considered a powerful symbol in art and design. It's associated with passion, love, and energy, and can evoke strong emotions in the viewer. By incorporating red shades into your art, you too can harness these distinctive traits.

In many cultures, red is seen as a symbol of strength and courage. It's often used in art and design to grab attention and make a firm statement. It's eye-catching and provocative.

But red is also a color of warmth and comfort. It contributes to the color of fire and sunsets, of autumn leaves and ripe apples.

A wooden epoxy resin tray with an epoxy river vein colored using Magical Magenta powder, one of Pigmently's signature red pigments. It has two handles for carrying.

Tips for Working with Any Pigmently Mica Powder

In addition to red pigments, such as Magical Magenta or  Watermelon Red, Pigmently offers a wide range of other mica powder pigments.

Here are some general tips for working with any Pigmently mica powder.

  • Firstly, always wear protective gear, like gloves and a mask, when working with mica powder pigments. Although these pigments are derived from natural sources, they can still be harmful if inhaled or ingested.
  • Secondly, always store your mica powder pigments in a cool, dry place. Exposure to heat and high humidity can temporarily alter the pigments' properties and make them less effective.
  • Lastly, remember to have fun! Art is all about expressing yourself and exploring new ideas. Don't be afraid to experiment with different colors and techniques – you never know what amazing things you might create.

Pigmently: Your Trusted Source for High-Quality Red Pigments

At Pigmently, our goal has always been to be a trustworthy source of high-quality mica powder pigments and dyes for artists of any skill level. We wanted to make sure that people who just want to express their creativity have an easy, stress-free way to acquire the colors they need for their unique creations.

Whether you're new to using pigments or an experienced creator just looking to try something different, Pigmently has you covered. Our pigments are easy to use, potent, and non-fading, for vibrant, long-lasting results!

Consider taking a look at our Featured Bundles, where we've packaged curated selections of our Pigmently Colorants together for additional cost savings.

You can also jump straight to the highlighted Magical Magenta by Pigmently, one of our signature red pigments. Get ready to see your creations come to life with Pigmently Powder Pigments!


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