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Two neon mica powders spread on a pitch black surface.

Neon Mica Powder: Your Secret Ingredient in Crafting Resin Keychains

Introduction to Pigmently's Neon Mica Powder

When it comes to crafting, finding the perfect pigments to make your creations stand out can be a challenge. With Neon Mica Powder by Pigmently, that's no longer an issue. Our versatile mica powders are designed for creative enthusiasts, with a carefully produced selection of premium hues to choose from. Every Pigmently Mica Powder is made with high-quality, refined ingredients to ensure long-lasting color.

For those who aren't yet aware, mica powder comes from mica, a group of minerals. When ground into powder, it produces a fine, shimmering particle effect. This effect is added to a wide range of products, including cosmetics, paints, and epoxy resin.

Neon mica powders, in particular, are prized for their vibrant, lively colors, making them a favorite among crafters who enjoy such shades.

What is a Resin Keychain?

A resin keychain is a decorative accessory made with epoxy resin—and often mica powder pigments. This type of keychain is highly durable and customizable, while also being easy for beginners to tackle. They're essentially miniature works of art, encased in a clear, hard resin that protects the design and gives it a glossy, professional finish.

Making keychains involves pouring a liquid resin into a silicone mold, then adding your choice of decorations. Depending on the size and shape of the keychain, you can include anything from glitter and beads to small trinkets or dried flowers.

Once any additives are immersed in the resin, it is then left to harden, creating a keychain with your own unique, personalized design.

Resin keychains are not only fun to make, but they also make thoughtful gifts. They can be customized to suit the recipient's tastes, making them a unique, personalized memento for friends or family to cherish. They're also somewhat practical—who doesn't need a stylish keychain to keep their keys in order?

Neon Purple Mica Powder used in a resin art piece.

The Role of Neon Mica Powder in Making Resin Keychains

Neon mica powder plays a lead role in creating eye-catching resin keychains. By mixing it into the epoxy resin prior to pouring, you can give your keychain a stunning neon hue that really stands out.

One of the great things about Pigmently Neon Mica Powder is that it comes in a wide range of colors. From pink and purple to blue, green, orange—and more—there's a shade to suit every taste. You can even mix different powders together to create your own unique hues.

Another benefit of using neon mica powder in making keychains is the flexibility it offers. The powder can also be applied in different ways – you can mix it into the resin, dust it onto the mold before pouring, or sprinkle it onto the surface for a sparkling finish.

With a little extra effort, you can even tint multiple resin batches with different colors and layer them into your mold for a multi-toned keychain.

DIY Keychains: A step-by-step guide

Creating your own resin keychains using neon mica powder is a fun and rewarding project. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you get started:

  1. Gather your supplies: You'll need a keychain mold, two-part epoxy resin, neon mica powder in your chosen color(s), and any other decorations you'd like to include.
  2. Prepare your workspace: Resin can be messy, so we recommend you cover your workspace with wax paper or plastic to protect it. Make sure you're working in a well-ventilated area, as resin can release fumes.
  3. Mix your resin: Follow the instructions on the package to prepare your liquid resin.
  4. Add your neon mica powder: Start by adding a small amount of powder to your resin, stirring well to ensure it's evenly distributed. You can add more powder until you achieve the desired color intensity.
  5. Pour the resin into the mold: Gently pour your resin mixture into the keychain mold. If you're adding decorations, you can either place them into the mold before pouring, or gently press them into the resin once it's in the mold; for small objects, tweezers can make this considerably easier.
  6. Let it cure: Leave your resin to cure for the time specified on the package – usually at least 24 hours. Once it's fully hardened, you can pop your keychain out of the mold and attach it to a keyring.
Four neon mica powders side by side.

Tips and Tricks for Using Neon Mica Powder in Resin Keychains

Working with neon mica powder and resin can be a bit of a learning curve, but it's definitely worth the effort. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you get the best results:

  1. Less is more: Start with a small amount of neon mica powder and add more gradually until you achieve the desired color intensity.
  2. Mix thoroughly: Make sure your powder is thoroughly mixed into the resin to avoid clumps or streaks.
  3. Use clear resin: For the most vibrant results, use a clear resin. This will allow the neon mica powder to really shine.
  4. Experiment with different techniques: Don't be afraid to try different techniques, such as dusting the mold with powder, mixing the powder into the resin, or sprinkling it on top.
  5. Be patient: Remember, resin takes time to cure. Don't rush the process – let it cure fully before removing it from the mold.

Pigmently: Your one-stop shop for premium Neon Mica Powder and Art Resin

When it comes to crafting with neon mica powder and resin, quality is key.

At, Pigmently, we offer a wide range of premium neon mica powders in an array of colors, as well as top-quality art resin. Our powder pigments are high quality, potent, and easy to use, making them the ideal choice for creators of all levels.

Whether you're crafting keychains, jewelry, or other types of art, Pigmently has everything you need to create stunning, vibrant pieces. Take a look at our Neon Mica Powder Collection by Pigmently today and get started on your own unique resin keychains!


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